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We will work closely with the SME sector to understand their specific customs needs and through building close and solid relationships with the business owners we can assist them in helping to manage their supply chains effectively, by ensuring customs documentation is processed as speedily and efficiently as possible at a reasonable cost.

Customs Clearance has never been more complicated than it is at present, but Customs Accounting Services are here to help and make it as simplified as possible for your business. In order to ensure the smooth movement of goods between the UK and Ireland, and the EU as well as from outside the EU.

Customs Accounting Services will make the following declarations to the relevant customs authorities on your company’s behalf in a quick and cost efficient manner.


Types of Customs Documentation

Common Customs Documentation:

  • Import/Export declarations such as SAD’s (Single Administration Documents) including TAD’s (Transit Accompanying Document).
  • Other Transit declarations and AAD’s (Admin Accompanying Documents) such as a Truck manifest or eManifest.
  • Safety and Security declarations such as CHED’s (Common Health Entry Document) such as those required under the Sanitary & Phytosanitary ( SPS) controls, so as to ensure food safety.
  • Entry Summary declarations such as ENS (Electronic Entry Summary) as required by HMRC.

Other documentation:

Pre-boarding Notification (PBN), you’ll need this document to board a ferry, once the lorry gets a good to check-in status this will allow your goods to be shipped.


Types of Customs Clearance

Types of Customs Clearance:

Irish Traders;
We can act as a Direct Representative for Irish registered Companies for the purposes of customs clearance.

Non-Irish Traders;
We can act as an Importer of Record (IOR), where we manage the customs clearance for importing shipments for those companies who don’t have any presence or business connections in the ROI or the EU including the UK.

Bulk Customs Clearance;
We can manage bulk customs clearance both in Ireland and in the UK for consignments containing a large number of small parcels or packages usually with a value of less than €22/£15 respectively which aren’t subject to Customs or VAT.